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We make interacting with your business customers' financial data easy. Start shipping tools to underwrite credit risk, automate accounting, and perform analytics.

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Accounting Integrations
10x Faster

RootFi provides a reliable and secure integration layer with a growing catalogue of APIs, so you can focus on building tools your users love.

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Simple Integrations

Integrate in minutes with just a few lines of code and start syncing data in as little as 30 seconds.

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Global Coverage

Instantly support 10+ platforms (and counting) through our standardised data structure and add new platforms with just a few clicks.

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Enterprise Security

RootFi encrypts data at rest using AES 256 bit encryption, and adheres to best-in-class security and compliance practices.

Build Innovative Business Tools with RootFi's Unified API

Build the next generation of business solutions across SaaS, payments, expense management, and lending.

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Vertical SaaS

Connect to your business customers' financial data to power automations or new solutions.

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B2B Payments

Provide automated reconciliation and synchronise your business customers' payables and receivables data.

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Expense Management

Automate accounting reconciliation and dynamically increase credit limits with read and write access to accounting and payments data.

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Digital Lending

Streamline your credit underwriting processes with access to accurate and standardised data.

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Invoice Financing

View all customers and vendors, as well as invoices, bills and payments, across any accounting platform.

Expand your reach with
10+ accounting integrations

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Leverage Common Data Models without losing flexibility

Read and write data to standardised models from 10+ integrations with our Unified API.

Use Passthrough Requests to access underlying raw data and custom APIs for edge cases.

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Native Authentication experience, customised by you

Use our Token Manager to securely store your customers' credentials and provide a native onboarding experience through our embeddable URL or SDK.


Minimise integration maintenance, with an all-in-one dashboard

Data, logs, issue detection, and configurations. Everything you need to manage your integrations in one place.

Save ongoing developer effort and focus on your core product.

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What we're upto
Guides, insights and updates

Make informed decisions and unlock new business opportunities with the latest news and developments.


Protect your data

At RootFi, we’re serious about security.

We are committed to maintaining the highest privacy, security and compliance standards for you and your customers’ sensitive information.

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