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Everything you need, in one powerful lending platform

RootFi is a complete Lending-as-a-Service platform. We provide everything you need to build a modern credit solution that customers expect.

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Loan Management made better

  • Product Engine

    Our low-code platform allows customers to create any lending product through configuration.

  • In-built Reporting & Analytics [Coming Soon]

    Extract, transform and analyse the LMS data using the in-built reporting and analytics module, while using REST APIs to pull the data for your portfolio.

  • Servicing [Coming Soon]

    Create workflows to automate SMS, email and webhooks to keep send payment reminders, notify customers of promotions, waive fees, and more.

  • API First

    LMS function(s) can be consumed via a REST API, making it easy to integrate with any downstream or upstream systems, including customer-facing apps, core banking systems and accounting software.

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Powerful Business Rule Engine for Underwriting and Onboarding

  • Pre-Configured Data Sources

    Choose from multiple 3rd party data sources and services to accurately assess the risk for your applicants. Select from identity, verification, open banking, bureau, alternative sources and more.

  • No-Code Platform [BETA]

    Drag and drop each data set in the order that matches your underwriting requirements. Select only the most relevant data for each application to optimise your decisioning and minimise costs.

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Easy-to-use Dashboard

  • Activity Monitoring

    Track, manage, and report on all of your customers activities so your team can help your customers and see how your financial products are performing.

  • Account Management

    Manage your customers accounts, freeze accounts, add authorised users, and update account information.

  • User Permissioning

    Maintain the appropriate balance of collaboration and control while ensuring that your customers data is secure and protected with flexible user permissions for different roles.

  • Single Sign-On

    Enhance security of your customers accounts and data by ensuring that only people within your organisation are able to access the Dashboard.

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One-on-one Support

  • Dedicated Account Manager

    All RootFi customers have a dedicated account manager and technical support from day one to ensure your success.

  • Compliance Experts

    Our team of compliance experts are available to you to help you launch and scale. Focus your time and money on building differentiated products and experiences your customers love.

Loan Account Details IllustrationDecision Management IllustrationDashboard IllustrationDashboard Illustration
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