At RootFi, we make accessing data from your business customers’ financial tools seamless. With our Unified API, you can manage multiple accounting integrations from a single access point. Here are the latest improvements we've made to our platform over the past month.

New: Odoo Accounting Integration

We're excited to announce that we've added support for Odoo, an open-source accounting platform that caters to over 7 million businesses across the globe.

With this Odoo accounting integration, you can access your business customers’ financial data via our Unified API, rather than building an integration with Odoo API.

You can now access read-and-write support for data models like Invoices, Bills, Bill Payments, Invoice Payments, Line Items, Purchase Orders, Sales Orders, Invoice Credit Notes, Bill Credit Notes, Expenses, Accounts, Items, and Tax Rates.

New Data Models: Financial Statements

We've added three data models to our Unified API:

  • Income Statement,
  • Balance Sheet,
  • Cash Flow Statements.

You can now access financial statements for your business directly through RootFi, and track your customers’ finances conveniently.

Tally Integration Improvements

  • We've made several improvements to our Tally integration, including the ability to initialise sync and configure auto-sync directly from the RootFi Dashboard.
  • We've also optimised the integration to handle large amounts of data. This allows for faster syncing and using Tally in the background during syncs.

Data model changes: QuickBooks and more

  • We've added the Quantity On Hand field to our Items data model to support inventory use cases better. This allows you to track inventory quantities for Items across all integrated accounting platforms.
  • Additionally, we've added read-and-write support for Tax Rates for QuickBooks. With this change, you can create invoices with custom tax rates.

Other changes

  • Last, but not least, we've redesigned our website landing page to provide a better user experience.

With RootFi’s Unified API, save time, money and developer resources building in-house integrations and focus on your core product instead. If you have any questions, feedback, or interest in trying out RootFi, we’d love to get in touch. You can start for free or contact us here.

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