RootFi Teams Up With Wafeq For Our Latest Integration

We’re thrilled to announce RootFi's latest accounting integration with Wafeq! This marks yet another milestone in our journey to simplify access to business financial data, as we add an 11th integration to our Unified API.

Wafeq: Accounting designed for the MENA region

Wafeq is a leading accounting software solution tailored for the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. Designed to accommodate the unique requirements of businesses in this region, Wafeq enables companies to manage their financial operations efficiently, with a localized and user-friendly interface.

Capabilities of the Wafeq Integration

With our Wafeq integration, RootFi users can now access financial data from a broader demographic; 5000+ businesses use Wafeq. You can read and write data from the Wafeq platform, employing this information to create various financial and accounting tools, including credit risk underwriting, accounts payable and receivable management, and more. This new integration allows businesses to reach more customers while maintaining efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Accessing the Wafeq Integration

The Wafeq integration is automatically accessible for all existing RootFi customers. To learn how to use the Wafeq integration, read through our docs. This integration grants you access to all accounting platforms we have incorporated through our Unified API, including Odoo, Tally, Zoho Books, Quickbooks, and more. At RootFi, we continually add new integrations and take care of all technical aspects, ensuring you never have to worry about updates or maintenance.

Power your product with RootFi

The integration of Wafeq into RootFi's Unified API is another step towards our goal of providing businesses with seamless, simplified access to accounting data across diverse platforms. With each integration, we bring you closer to your customers, simplifying the path to your product’s success.

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