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Powering credit innovation for fintechs & NBFCs

Use RootFi’s APIs and tools to modernise your existing lending portfolio or embed any type of credit product onto your platform.

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Lending is complex,
we make it easy

The easiest way to embed credit on your platform.

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  • Launch quickly

    Build unique lending products using our suite of APIs, developer tools, and software to launch in as little as 7 days.

  • Modular, flexible, and configurable

    Offer tailored credit solutions for your customers, and configure the experience with RootFi’s modular software and APIs.

  • Toolbox for lending

    From loan management to underwriting - RootFi provides the tools you need to build and manage credit products at scale.

  • World-class partners built-in

    We have pre-built integrations with licensed lenders, payment providers, data sources, and many more world-class vendors.

for every industry

Create custom solutions
unique to your customer.

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Supply Chain

Optimise working capital needs.

Healthcare Icon


Give patients an alternative way of paying.

E-commerce Icon


Improve conversion and customer loyalty.

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SMEs & Startups

Become a catalyst for their growth.

Education Icon


Offer flexible financial solutions to students.

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Bridge the credit gap for farmers.

Discover what you can build with RootFi

One Time Loan

Extend funds for personal and business needs, repaid through equal instalments.

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Buy Now Pay Later

Help your customers make purchases and pay for them at a future date.

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Revenue Based Financing

Help your customers to raise capital by pledging a percentage of future ongoing revenues in exchange for money invested.

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Credit Line

Help your customers draw from a ready source of funds for personal as well as business needs.

Credit Line Phone Mockup

Earned Wage Access

Help your employees to draw their earned pay instead of relying on short-term loans to comfortably cover mid-month unplanned expenses.

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