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Here are some of the key highlights from our February product update:

  • Increased coverage across all platforms for the following data models: Accounts, Company Info, Customers, Bills, Invoices
  • Added the Purchase Order and Sales Order Data Model
  • Released tooling to improve self-service onboarding such as integration with Stripe Billing, Help Centre Section, Guiding Onboarding and Built-in Chat support

Have a look below for more details on our latest product update.

📈 Increased Data Model Coverage

  • The Accounts data model now supports Sub-categories as a field.
  • The Company Info, Vendors, and Customers data models now support different fields to categorise multiple phone numbers (mobile, telephone and fax), external links (website and email) and addresses (shipping, billing and primary).
  • The Bills and Invoices data models now support Sub-total, Tax Amount and Total Discount fields.

➕ Purchase Order and Sales Order

  • Our Zoho Books, Quickbooks, Quickbooks Sandbox, Xero, and MS Dynamics 365 Business Central integrations now support the Purchase Order data model.
  • Our Zoho Books, Quickbooks, Quickbooks Sandbox, Xero, and MS Dynamics 365 Business Central integrations now support the Sales Order data model.

🖥️ RootFi Onboarding Improvements

  • Integrated with Stripe to enable self-serve billing. This integration will allow users to manage their subscription plans and make payments securely on our website itself.
  • Introduced an onboarding flow to help new users get started with their integrations more efficiently. The onboarding flow guides users through the website, providing a simple guide on how to get started with its features.
New Account Onboarding Flow

  • Launched a comprehensive Help Centre page, equipped with videos and other resources that offer easy access to information and support.
Help Centre

  • Added built-in chat support for our marketing website and dashboard, making it easier to connect with us and receive prompt assistance.
Chat Support for website and Dashboard

📢 Other Updates

  • Implemented incremental syncing to ensure that there are no rate limit issues while using our platform. With this feature, you can seamlessly sync your data without any interruption or delay.

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