RootFi is building a Unified API for Business Financial Data.

We make it easy to access business data from your customers' accounting, commerce, marketing and payments platforms. Build once to our API and access 10+ integrations (and counting).

Our APIs remove the complexity of having to learn, integrate, and maintain the APIs of every platform your business customers use. Companies can accelerate their product roadmap and save on both development time and maintenance costs.

Example use cases:

  • Apps for analysing and managing the performance of specific business functions (e.g. marketing, sales, finance)
  • General BI and data analysis tools
  • Expense Management Platforms
  • Financial Institutions - Invoice Financing, Revenue Based Financing, Merchant Cash Advance
  • B2B Payments

How does it work?

  1. Integrate the RootFi APIs into your app.
  2. Configure and activate the relevant platform integrations
  3. Your customer fills out a simple authentication form embedded in your UI.
  4. RootFi connects to your customer’s data, transforms it into a unified schema and syncs it to your preferred data destination.
  5. Your customer repeats step 3 as needed to connect additional data sources.

If you’re interested in checking out RootFi Integrate, book a demo here or email us at!

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