At RootFi, we make it easy, safe, and reliable for businesses to connect their financial data with your apps and solutions. Our Unified API allows you to access financial data from over 10 accounting platforms. Here’s how we have been improving our product over the past month:

Redesigned RootFi Link

RootFi Link

We have redesigned our RootFi Link with a brand-new UI/UX to make your business customers' experience even more intuitive and seamless. Via Webhook support, we’ve added a feature that allows your business customers to disconnect and reconnect their platforms and created a connection overview page for full transparency. This redesign prioritises transparency, allowing your business customers to build trust in our security and privacy practices.

New Features: Bulk Writes, Unified Error Handling and more!

Previously, you’d have to make one API call and wait for the response. Our new feature, Bulk Writes, allows you to make one API call to push multiple data points to your customer’s platform asynchronously. To make this happen, we will batch the writes based on the rate limits of the underlying platform.

In addition, we’ve introduced Unified Error Handling, API Logs and Webhooks Logs to improve the developer experience. With Unified Error Handling, we’ve parsed the error messages from the underlying platform and standard the error message format. API Logs and Webhook Logs give the developer full transparency and allow them to identify and debug any potential errors.

Webhooks 2.0

We have made significant enhancements to our Webhooks system. With Webhooks 2.0, you can now receive real-time notifications when a company is linked to your account, as well as notifications when the data sync process is complete. These improvements ensure that you stay up-to-date with the latest changes and can take immediate action if needed.

New Data Model: Tracking Categories

We’ve added a new data model to our Common Data Models: Tracking Categories. The Tracking Categories Data Model allows you to track financial transactions or expenses separately(I.e class, location etc)  allowing you to provide your customers greater insight into their business performance and make better-informed decisions.

Other Changes:

  • Improved Tally Integration: We’ve increased the speed and reliability of syncing Tally data via our Unified API.
  • Revamped GraphQL APIS: We’ve revamped our GraphQL APIs for a better developer experience and now support more powerful aggregation and data queries to filter, order by and find distinct data including on all nested data models.
  • Financial Statements enhancement: We made changes to better support Financial Statements, with the ability to filter by date, group by period, and retrieve for specific intervals.
  • Updated Documentation: We have completely overhauled our documentation to provide a more user-friendly and comprehensive resource. The revamped documentation includes detailed guides, tutorials, and examples, making it easier than ever to understand and utilise our platform's features.
  • Redesigned Logo: In our commitment to solving your problems, we have redesigned our logo. Our previous logo was tailored to our last product, but our new logo represents our dedication to addressing your challenges. The fresh design reflects our growth and evolution as a company while reaffirming our focus on delivering exceptional solutions.
  • New Pricing Plans: To assist companies to start the testing and integration process seamlessly, we have introduced new pricing plans. These plans are specifically designed to meet different needs and budgets, enabling businesses of all sizes to access our platform's full potential. We believe our new pricing options make it easier for you to evaluate and benefit from our services.
  • Added Data Coverage Tool: This tool lets you easily view the supported data models, fields, and line items for more than 10 accounting integrations.

With RootFi, you can save time, money and developer resources to get business financial data and focus on your core product instead. If you have any questions, feedback, or interest in trying RootFi, we’d love to get in touch. You can start for free or contact us here.

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