October has been an exciting month for the RootFi Team. We took RootFi Integrate from just an idea with a few wireframes and excel sheets to a live product - ready to integrate with our first batch of customers. We have launched the private beta of our Unified accounting APIs with the 3 most popular accounting platforms in the region - giving us 95% coverage for the Indian and Middle Eastern markets.

You can track our product velocity on our publicly available change log which is updated bi-weekly.

Let's have a look at what’s new!


Dashboard Home

RootFi's dashboard is the control centre for all your integrations. Customers can use the dashboard to access our documentation, view live connections, and configure integrations. The simple and intuitive dashboard also shows you the connection health of any integration, as well as an API log.

RootFi Link

RootFi Link

Your users can authorise an integration between your app and a third-party platform using this shareable URL without requiring any front-end configuration from you. RootFi Link is the quickest way to get your users integrated!

We will be launching an SDK next month for those looking for a completely white-labelled experience.

Unified Accounting API

This month we have configured 11 data models for our first set of integrations, have a look at our data models section in the documentation to see what models and fields we currently support.

We have also launched support for the following platforms:

  • Zoho Books
  • Quickbooks Online

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