In the era of digital transformation, where businesses across industries are rapidly moving their operations online, data privacy and security have become more critical than ever. With regions across the world enacting robust data privacy laws, SaaS providers like you need data integration solutions that not only enable smooth operations but also align with data regulations.

Today, we're excited to announce a significant step in our commitment to safeguard data privacy and security. RootFi now offers a data center in Saudi Arabia, supplementing our established data center in India. This addition ensures that if you or your customers are operating in the Middle East, their data can be hosted locally, addressing potential concerns arising from regional data privacy laws.

Why this matters:

1. Adherence to Regional Data Privacy Laws:

As global awareness around data privacy grows, regions like Europe have already adopted stringent data protection frameworks like GDPR. Saudi Arabia and other countries in the Middle East are no exception, implementing rigorous data privacy laws.

The Personal Data Protection Law (PDPL) was implemented by the Saudi Data & Artificial Intelligence Authority (SDAIA) in September 2021 and modified in March 2023. By establishing a local data center, RootFi ensures that you remain compliant and avoid any financial or reputational damage.

2. Upholding Trust and Security:

Beyond mere compliance, this move underlines RootFi's commitment to data protection. Since you trust us with your customers’ business financial data, and we are committed to taking every step needed to meet your internal security standards and keep your customers’ peace of mind.

Key Highlights: What does a data center in Saudi Arabia mean to you?

Key components of the Saudi Arabia Data Center include:

  • Location in Saudi Arabia, leveraging multiple data centers and cloud infrastructure provided by Google Cloud Platform, built with the same high-availability architecture design as RootFi’s Indian infrastructure
  • Control over data storage: The option for you to keep all of customer data in the Saudi Arabia data center facilities located within the region
  • No data transfer between data centers: 100% in-region data locality, with no replication or backup to India data centers
  • Synchronous platform updates: Infrastructure and code base updated on the same schedule as India
  • A facility that is operational and available to Saudi Arabian customers with immediate effect.

RootFi's Enterprise-Grade Security Highlights

Regardless of the regional data center you choose, RootFi ensures your data remains secure. Some of our security highlights include:

  • Data Encryption: We deploy AES-256-bit encryption to protect data at rest. While in transit, all data undergoes encryption via Transport Layer Security (TLS 1.2), ensuring end-to-end safety.
  • Robust Platform Infrastructure: Hosted on the Google Cloud Platform, RootFi operates on a serverless infrastructure. This not only guarantees a seamless scale-up process but also reliability and swift data processing.
  • Penetration Testing: Regular penetration testing with our compliance partner and scans against known vulnerabilities in our docker containers ensure our platform's fortitude against potential threats.
  • Employee Device Security: Leveraging leading mobile device management solutions, every device in RootFi's ecosystem is patched, secured, and constantly monitored against vulnerabilities. Every device is fortified with anti-virus and malware detection systems.
  • Explicit Consent: At RootFi, customer authorization is a non-negotiable protocol. We ensure explicit consent for data access and maintain a strict policy against selling any form of data to third parties. Identifiable data is never stored permanently.
  • Certifications and Compliance: Our commitment to security isn't just verbal. It is demonstrated by the fact that RootFi is ISO27001:2013 certified, and SOC2 Type 2 and GDPR compliant.

With our new data center in Saudi Arabia, RootFi not only offers businesses a technologically advanced data integration solution but also the peace of mind that comes with best-in-class security and adherence to global data protection norms.

For businesses looking to innovate, streamline, and grow without compromising on data privacy, RootFi is your data integration partner. Embrace a world where data privacy concerns never stand in the way of your company's ambitions. If you’re interested in using RootFi’s Saudi Arabia data center, reach out to our team today.

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